Air Conditioning Product of the Year

Winner of H&V NEWS AWARDS 2011

Camfil Farr — HVAC Low Energy Air Filter

The company impressed the judges with its Hi-Flo Bag filter, designed to deliver the required level of clean air in HVAC systems while consuming the minimum amount of energy. The Hi-Flo filter delivers required air quality, clear of particulates, for safe inhalation while using minimal energy levels, offering high efficiency grade filtration to address indoor air quality problems and remove contaminants.
The Hi-Flo media incorporates high lofted air-laid micro-fibre glass. Equipped with high-quality filter material, with small fibre damage and uniform lofting, it guarantees a consistent and reliable sub-micron protection and support in turbulent or varying airflows. Filter configuration delivers particle capture performance unaffected by coarse dust concentration and elevated humidity. The product is the result of optimised design and high quality materials, including a rigid plastic frame, to provide the lowest life cycle cost for any application.

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