Alan O’Connell
Alan O’Connell

Magnus Yngen
Magnus Yngen

Alan O’Connell returns to Camfil as CEO

Magnus Yngen, current President and CEO of the Camfil Group, has successfully completed his three-year assignment with the company and will be leaving Camfil to focus on external engagements effective January 1, 2017.

“We are grateful that Magnus accepted the CEO position for the three-year period and appreciate the leadership he has provided. His contributions have added significant value to the Camfil Group.”
says Jan Eric Larson, Executive Chairman.

"I am very happy I decided to accept the CEO position at Camfil, even if it was for a limited period of time. What makes Camfil a unique company is the great story is has to tell. It is not only a company selling a product – it is a company contributing to a better life for people all around the world by providing clean air. I wish Camfil all the best for the future."
says Magnus Yngen.

Concurrent with Magnus Yngen’s departure, Alan O'Connell will return as President and CEO of the Camfil Group:

"I am looking forward to my return. My goal is to continue building the business, maintaining our global leadership position and remaining our customers' first choice."
says Alan O’ Connell.

Please join me in thanking Magnus Yngen and welcoming Alan O´Connell back to Camfil. I wish them both much success with the challenges ahead.

Jan Eric Larson
Executive Chairman of the Board
Camfil Group


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