Camfil Farr chairs Eurovent’s CPPC

Ander Freyschuss, Managing Director of Camfil Farr’s Swedish company, Camfil Svenska AB, also Head of our company’s business in the Nordic countries, has been elected Chairman of Eurovent’s Certification Programmes and Policy Commission (CPPC) for the next two years.

Eurovent is the European Committee of Air Handling and Refrigeration Equipment Industries. The 22-member CPCC includes professionals from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, end users, laboratories and government agencies.

The CPPC is the highest body within Eurovent’s certification system for all ventilation-related products. Eurovent currently runs 18 different programs for the certification of products and approximately 200 companies are involved with their products, including Camfil Farr. Product groups range from air filters, air handling units and chillers, to heat pumps, fan coil units, cooling towers and split units, among other equipment.

The Eurovent certification programs monitored by the CPPC aim to secure the quality of products sold in the European market by certifying their performance.

Product certification provides clear benefits for the selection of products and their performance, ensuring that end users purchase products and equipment that will operate in accordance with design specifications and energy ratings. The Eurovent Certification programmes also create a common platform for competition on equal terms based on comparable data.

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