Camfil Vice Chairman receives Swedish award

Johan Markman, Vice Chairman of Camfil AB’s Board of Directors – also one of the principal owners of Camfil – is one of this year’s recipients of the “Golden Gavel Award”, a prestigious prize awarded in Sweden to highlight and increase awareness of the crucial role of chairmen for conducting board work in an efficient and business-driven manner. The award is also given to recognize and promote good examples of chairing practice in Swedish companies.

Johan Markman received the Golden Gavel for one of his other board roles in Swedish industry and business – as Chairman of the Attevik Group* in Sweden. The award is given in two classes – one for listed companies and one for unlisted. Candidates for the award are nominated in a nationwide process and the prize is awarded each December in Stockholm.

Jury’s motivation

The jury gave the following reasons for awarding Johan Markman this year’s prize in the unlisted company category:

“With his visionary leadership style, personal charm and substantial diplomatic talent

  • coupled with his long personal experience as a principal owner of a family business
  • Johan Markman has managed to broaden the horizons of Attevik’s board and encouraged it to think along new lines, without losing the company’s primary focus or compromising its prospects for long-term value creation. He is a gem of a chairman for a well-managed family company who truly deserves this award.”

In the unlisted category, Johan Markman shared the award with another business leader in Sweden: Cristina Stenbeck, chairperson of Kinnevik, a large investment group.

Golden Gavel Award

The Golden Gavel award was established in 2005 by the international auditing and consulting company Deloitte, and the Swedish Academy of Directors, a non-profit organization acting as a leading forum for the development of board work. The Academy, consisting of regional associations from all of Sweden with 2,300 members, also offers competence development and recruitment support to company boards.

Prins Daniel and Johan Markman
Prins Daniel and Johan Markman
Johan Markman
Johan Markman
Cristina Stenbeck and Johan Markman
Cristina Stenbeck and Johan Markman

*Attevik, of which Johan Markman is Chairman, is a major authorized dealership for Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Volkswagen transport vehicles and Scania trucks in Sweden. The company is one of the largest private resellers of VW, Audi, Skoda and Scania vehicles in Sweden, with annual sales of SEK 1.8 billion and 304 employees.


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