City M Air Purifier

Camfil introduces the City M Air Purifier with particle and molecular filtration for high IAQ

In urban areas, standalone air purifiers like Camfil’s new City M are a flexible solution to supplement general HVAC filtration.

City M effectively deals with unwanted air pollutants in outdoor air that may be introduced indoors. The air purifier also effectively removes harmful emissions from interior furnishings, building materials and office equipment.

City M is part of Camfil’s Swedish-designed City range of air purifiers for indoor air excellence in offices, schools, gyms and places like hospitals and other public spaces. The air purifier’s clean lines, colour and compact size make it easy to place in any type of room up to 75 m2 in area.

For more information visit the new dedicated website for Camfil air purifiers at:

where you will find product descriptions, brochures, customer cases and a short video describing the key features and benefits of City M.



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