Camfil strengthens market position in Finland

Camfil is continuing to invest in the Nordic air filtration market by making its second acquisition in the region since the fall of 2015.
Last September, Camfil acquired Nufilter Scandinavia AB in Sweden and has now purchased the total shares outstanding and business operations of F-Suotimet in Finland. The acquisition strengthens Camfil’s market position in Finland and the Nordic countries, which is a natural extension of the Camfil Group's growth strategy.
F-Suotimet and Camfil have operated in Finland for over 30 years and both brands are well known to Finnish customers. The two companies share the same air filtration values and the acquisition gives Camfil even greater opportunities to satisfy the market’s needs for high-quality air filter products that create a clean indoor environment to benefit human health and reduce energy costs.
In 2015, F-Suotimet had sales of EUR 5.5 million. The company has 35 employees and a production plant in Loimaa in southwest Finland.
Anders Freyschuss
Executive Vice President - Northern Europe


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