WWF Company Gift 2015

Camfil to support nature’s own air filters

This year for Christmas and for CamfilCairing* 2016, Camfil will help WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) preserve the Borneo rainforest, one of the most important ecosystems on the planet and home to 222 mammal species, 420 bird species, 150 different reptiles, 394 fish species, 15,000 plants – and 700 tree species.

Today, only half of Borneo’s original rainforest remains. Forests like these are the natural air filters of the world, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen – and cleaning the atmosphere by intercepting airborne particles. In one year, a single tree can absorb up to four kilograms (10 pounds) of air pollutants and produce up to 117 kilograms (260 pounds) of oxygen. 

The world’s yearly deforestation contributes about 17% of all greenhouse gas emissions, more than all the cars and trucks on the planet emit combined. For every 10,000 m2 of rainforest we save, one ton of CO2 is cleaned from the air.   

The money that Camfil donates goes to planting trees in the area of Sebangau in south Borneo, a project in cooperation with local villages. By growing back lost parts of the rainforest, threatened animals like gorillas, orangutans and tigers can continue to exist. The local population can keep their forest as a vital source of water, food, fuel and natural medicines. And when new trees are planted, more greenhouse gases will be bound, which contributes to slowing down climate change.

Sustainability has been Camfil’s core concept since day one. And our donation to WWF is just one of many ways in which we work to make the world more sustainable. 

*CamfilCairing is Camfil’s internal CSR-program, through which we carry out various sustainability and social responsibility activities at our facilities around the world – activities ranging from donating blood and planting trees to collecting clothes and food for the needy.



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