Customer care is theme of the new AirMail

Customer care is at the heart of Camfil’s business and the latest edition of AirMail magazine – now available for downloading  – describes how Camfil likes to go that “extra mile” to keep customers satisfied.

Airmail 2014:1
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You can read about many typical Camfil services that help customers reduce filtration costs and improve IAQ for healthier and more productive work environments.

Services range from developing total filter programmes for customers, site surveys and LCC analyses, to rapid-response filter deliveries, value-added logistics, filter customization, in-situ testing, filter advising, and optimized special procedures related to inventory management and user-friendly ordering processes.

You can also read about our new Nordic online filter shop. Service technicians can now keep track of filter needs right on their mobile phone or tablet device to simplify and speed up online filter purchasing and management.  

We will also take you to Germany to describe a hospital’s energy-saving Hi-Flo™ solution; to the U.K. and Norway, where CamCleaner is keeping industrial facilities cleaner and healthier; to Florida, where our Mobile CamLab has helped document the benefits of site-testing and comparing different turbine filter media; to Illinois, where the Farr Gold Series® dust collector has cleaned up a graphite machining facility; and to France, where PharmaSeal-E has solved a difficult cleanroom problem related to integrity tests.

Last but not least, don’t miss the latest Camfil Filter School module (test methods and standards) and the portrait featuring Armando Brunetti, President of Camfil USA, Inc.

AirMail is published in nine languages. The magazine is also available in printed form at selected Camfil companies around the world.


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