Sustainability Report

Eco-efficiency improves

The Camfil Farr Group is steadily improving its eco-efficiency. As described in our latest Sustainability Report(available for downloading to the right on this site), our companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific region have been constantly benchmarking energy-efficiency measures and focusing more intensively on natural resource conservation. Their motto is simple: “Do more by using less”.

Within the framework of the Group’s sustainability programme, efforts are being made to leverage every opportunity that allows us to reduce and manage energy, water consumption and waste.

Our indicators for energy, water and waste management all showed steady improvements during the most recent measurement period in 2010. The trend is continuing in 2011. This has improved Camfil Farr’s eco-efficiency index, indicating that our companies are becoming even more efficient at the same time as our business and production volumes grow (see table below).

Here are some examples of improvements in 2010: we used 63% less isocynate per pleated filter. Carbon dioxide emissions from company vehicles were 43% lower, and carbon emissions per ton of delivered goods were reduced 38%. We used 18% less electricity per manufactured filter and produced 41% less waste, and all power consumed by Camfil Farr came from green sources, such as hydropower or wind power plants.


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