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Focus on PM1 filtration in next AirMail magazine for customers

In the next issue of AirMail magazine (No. 1, 2016), scheduled for release in June, Camfil puts the spotlight on PM1 – airborne particles less than 1 micron in size that are the most harmful to human health. In the magazine's feature article, we explain the different types of particulate matter, their health impacts and why PM1 filtration is needed in ventilation systems to protect people in cities with high levels of air pollution.

To further echo the need for effective filters in city ventilation systems, AirMail also takes up a pioneering study in which Camfil experts participated together with two scientific departments of Stockholm University. The results of their research prove for the first time that filtration removes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and genotoxic compounds in urban air. PAHs cause cancer, mutations and damage DNA, while genotoxic compounds have destructive effects on the genetic material of cells.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics just around the corner in Rio de Janeiro, the magazine's portrait feature introduces you to Stefan Lindeberg, Honorary President of the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC). This former world-class kayaking champion was team manager for Sweden for ten consecutive Olympics and President of SOC for 16 years. In the article, Mr. Lindeberg tells us why and how the committee teamed up with Camfil to investigate if high indoor air quality can benefit athletes after hard physical training and sports events. Another article spins further on this subject, explaining how City S and City M air purifiers will be used in the Olympic Village in Rio this August.

On the product front, AirMail highlights Camfil's molecular filtration range for corrosion control, including a solution with a mobile CC 6000 air cleaner equipped with CamCarb cartridge filters for the control rooms of a French pulp mill.

Other articles describe Camfil Power Systems' GTC turbine filter upgrade in Canada, a Camfil APC solution with Handte EM Profi to control mist at a British production facility, custom filters for biosafety cabinets made in Finland, and how City M air purifiers create optimum classroom and study conditions for an engineering school in France.

The new issue also contains the seventh module in the Camfil Filter School series. This time we provide information and guidance for choosing the right filters and filter classes for ventilation systems.


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