High quality air filters help allergy Sufferers find relief in pollen-free Air (Global news)

PollenIt’s one of the most common allergens in the world, causing discomfort — and someti mes worse — for millions of people in Europe, North America, Asia- Pacifi c, and elsewhere around the globe. It’s pollen, and if you’re sensiti ve to it, you know it: There’s the heavy feeling in your eyes, the foggy feeling in your head, and, ulti mately, the fati gue. Pollen can come from grass, weeds, and trees, and lead to seasonal allergic rhiniti s — commonly known as hay fever — or extrinsic asthma.

Many suff erers turn to over-the-counter medicati ons to ease their symptoms, but in some cases, these compounds make the problem even worse. Their performance may deteriorate over ti me, too.

While there’s not much that can be done about pollen outdoors, the story is diff erent — or can be — inside. That’s an important point, as in some countries, people spend up to 90 percent of their ti me indoors. The key is in high-quality air fi lters and clean air soluti ons. While high-performance air fi ltrati on systems have long been used in hospital setti ngs to remove harmful air parti cles and reduce the risk of infecti on, they can provide a clean air environment in any indoor setting.

“Indoor air can be pollen free during the allergy season, as long as the right type of venti lati on and air fi lters are used,” says Ulf Johansson, IAQ Manager at Camfi l Farr, the leading manufacturer of high-performance, energy effi cient air fi ltrati on systems. “Any kind of building can be given high indoor air quality.”

It’s a simple, inexpensive soluti on, too. Camfi l Farr air fi lters, for example, are designed to provide performance that does not degrade over ti me — a common problem with other air fi ltrati on soluti ons — so they don’t have to be replaced as oft en as competi ng products. That reduces total cost of ownership, and waste. With fewer air fi lters winding up in the landfi ll, the environment benefi ts, and so does a building owner’s pocketbook, as disposal — and replacement — costs are cut.

Hospitals using Camfi l Farr clean air soluti ons have already reaped these benefi ts. And because the innovati ve design of the air fi lters reduces HVAC energy costs — by 25 to 50 percent — they’ve been able to save energy costs as they reduce emissions. That means they can fi ght airborne parti cles without batt ling their budget.

But it’s not just about costs, it’s about comfort, too, and because high-quality air fi lters can keep pollen from circulati ng within a building, those inside can breathe — and feel — bett er, which means they can perform bett er, too. That’s no small thing in an office or a school. And it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.


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