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Contact: Anders Hedström

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Forum

Trosa, Sweden 4 Sep., 2017 Camfil AB and Trosa Kommun are hosting a full day forum on the importance of air quality on the 4th of September. Located at Tomtaklintskolan, Trosa, Sweden, the forum will highlight topics such as clean air, fine and ultrafine particles, adverse effects of pollution, and air filtration. The forum is set to begin at half past eight in the morning, providing coffee during enrollment, a meal at lunchtime and fika in the afternoon. The forum will end at 16.30 the same day.

Noted speakers include IAQ expert Anders Hedström, Professor Bertil Forsberg, Professor Lidia Morawska, Professor Magnus Svartengren, Assistant Professor Per Gerde, Britta Permats, M.D., and filtration expert Ulf Johansson.

Fresh air, clean air or both? Air related diseases are increasing in a faster rate than ever before. Almost half of our 14-year-olds have or have had some asthma or allergy related health issues. Other research shows that four times more people die from air related or airborne sicknesses than road accidents. Dirty air damages the alveoli located in our lungs the most sensitive part of our respiratory system where our blood and air meet.

This forum will help to distinguish between fresh air and fresh, clean air. The complex mix is referred to as Indoor Air Quality. Visit trosa.se/forum-trosa to register and learn about the demands and needs for healthy air.

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