New AirMail highlights the world of molecular filtration

In the latest issue of AirMail magazine, readers can learn about airborne molecules and their impact on people. We also tell you how molecular filters can virtually eliminate three harmful gases – nitrogen dioxide, ozone and sulphur dioxide – to improve indoor air quality in city centre buildings, allowing millions of people around the world to experience positive health and productivity effects.

The new 16-page issue includes the second installment of the Camfil Filter School, which explains how air filters function. The portrait feature introduces you to Dr. Chris Ecob, Camfil’s Global Business Manager for Molecular Products, who describes the experience and capabilities of Camfil’s global molecular filtration team, and tells us about his passion for chemistry and international mountain biking.

On other pages you can read about a number of interesting clean air solutions: how Camfil Singapore helped customers with smoke haze; how our UK company lowered energy costs for Imperial College London; Camfil Finland’s molecular solution for a coast guard vessel; and two recently delivered dust collection systems from Camfil APC that are resolving process problems for industrial plants in Scotland and the U.S.

In addition to general corporate news, you can learn how we test gas turbine filters in a variety of simulated conditions to ensure the right product for the right application.

Downloadable in nine languages

AirMail is published in nine languages. You can download PDFs of the latest issue (No. 2 2013) and back issues from the File Archive, located under the search box at the top of this website and on the homepages of Camfil companies in different countries.


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