New software takes life cycle costing of filters to next level (Global news)

Camfil Farr, the world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions, has released LCC 2010, the latest version of its proprietary life cycle costing software for air filters.

LCC 2010 allows customers and HVAC engineers to optimize the lowest life cycle cost for an air handling unit (AHU) with the highest indoor air quality (IAQ) obtainable with Camfil Farr air filters. Instead of using theoretical calculations, the software calculates the pressure loss of filters and their actual lifespan using real-life data collected from thousands of installations and tests, guiding users to the choice of the right filter for the lowest possible energy consumption and environmental impact.

Rising energy prices have made building ventilation more expensive, and by optimizing air filters choices for AHUs, customers realize quick savings without compromising IAQ. Air filters are actually the least inexpensive and simplest component of a HVAC system to change. The average energy expense of filters is typically around 30 percent of the total cost, and by using quality Camfil Farr air filters with the right efficiency and the lowest pressure drop, customers effectively reduce their energy usage and operating costs.

LCC 2010 – part of a new and powerful platform for filter and IAQ calculations

Compared to previous releases, LCC 2010 incorporates a number of new features: it facilitates the preparation of reports and recommendations for environmentally friendly air filter solutions, allows easy transfer of data and information between users and their PCs, and displays more information for customers to reference. The software also proposes energy-saving fan speeds and generates multi-solution calculations and graphical reports for printout.

LCC 2010 is part of the Camfil Farr Solution System (CFFS), a powerful platform for calculations concerning air filters and IAQ. CFFS will be constantly developed with a suite of analysis tools for calculations of clean air solutions for a large range of Camfil Farr products and application areas. Other features included in the CFSS platform are calculations of clean room cleanliness and air filter performance data for HEPA/ULPA filters (HIPE – High Performance air filters) and HVAC filters (CAT – Comfort Air filter Test reports).

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