New website (Global news)

New website

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new and improved website where you will find the best online source of information about our filtration products, services and technology. Besides a new design and easier navigation, you will discover enhanced functionality and many new features, including:

  • RSS feeds with the latest news from Camfil Farr and the air filtration industry
  • Optimized search engines
  • Convenient product list for quick searches
  • Promotion areas for documents, catalogues and other product literature.

You can also export product information directly from our catalogue system and post information to social media like Facebook.

Everything is packaged for you on user-friendly pages to keep you constantly up-to-date on Camfil Farr.

“We hope our modern digital gateway will add value and give you a deeper insight into our products and their benefits in terms of healthy indoor air, reduced carbon footprint, improved productivity and better cost efficiency,” says Roger Nylander, Camfil Farr’s corporate Marketing Manager. “Welcome to our site to discover why Camfil Farr should always be the first choice among air filtration specialists.”


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