Next issue of AirMail in June

The upcoming issue of Camfil’s AirMail magazine, scheduled for publication in June, will take readers on a journey through the world of air pollution to describe the most common air pollutants – the “Usual Suspects” – and how they affect our health.

The 16-page issue has a brand-new design and new content features for readers, including personal portraits and the “Camfil Filter School”, a series on filters and filtration technology that will be appearing on a regular basis in coming issues. The first School module describes airborne particles and why we need clean air and filters.

We are also commemorating our 50th anniversary this year with a historical feature that tells the story of our founder, Gösta Larson, and how he started Camfil five decades ago. The article also describes how Camfil gradually developed its operations and business to become a world leader in air filtration today.

A portrait of CEO Alan O’Connell will tell you about his 30 years of experience from the air filtration industry and the road that led him to Camfil.

On other pages you can read short descriptions of recent clean air solutions for customers, new product releases and general corporate news from Camfil.

Downloadable in nine languages

AirMail is published in nine languages. You can download PDFs of new and back issues from the File Archive, located under the search box at the top of this website and the homepages of Camfil companies in different countries.


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