Oslo joins other European cities that are considering diesel restrictions


Cities in several European countries are trying to deal more and more with growing air quality problems and especially air pollution related to vehicles using diesel fuel. London and Paris are on their way to introducing restrictions against diesel and now Oslo, capital of Norway, is considering the same.

Oslo’s air quality problems are very similar to those of other cities situated by the sea and surrounded by mountains. Los Angeles is an example. Unfavourable weather conditions over Oslo can cause warm air to form a lid over the city, trapping air pollutants and increasing ground-level concentrations, which can be worsened by diesel engine emissions.

These peak periods of air pollution have prompted action in Oslo: in late May, the City Council passed a resolution to ban diesel cars from driving in the capital when local air quality remains poor for at least two days in a row.

The council’s decision will require the approval of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration before it can be implemented. It would not apply to vehicles used for emergency, delivery and patient transportation purposes, or to the latest diesel engines complying with Euro 6 emission requirements.

Limits regularly exceeded in largest cities

Oslo has typically suffered problems with high particle concentrations and has also tried to reduce use of studded snow tires in winter by charging vehicle owners a fee for using them.

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, limit values and target values for particle and gas concentrations are regularly exceeded in the country’s largest cities (Oslo, Stavanger, Drammen and Fredrikstad), mainly for PM10 and PM2.5 and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Local air pollution is primarily affecting the health of people with asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Children and young people, pregnant women and the elderly are also vulnerable groups.

Filtration for urban air pollution

With outdoor air being used as supply air for the ventilation systems of buildings in large cities, effective air filters are needed in air handling units to remove air pollutants and maintain high indoor air quality (IAQ). In cities with severe air pollution, room air purifiers can also be used as an extra filtration measure.

To meet urban IAQ needs, Camfil offers the City range of air filters and room air purifiers for both particle removal and molecular filtration. More information about these products and other filters is available on our website or from your local Camfil company or representative.


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