Protecting indoor air from urban pollution

City pollution is the theme of the new issue of AirMail magazine, which you can now download on this website.

We have chosen to focus on this subject because polluted urban air is a growing problem in the world’s metropolises, where WHO’s warning limits for harmful concentrations of particulate matter and gases are already being exceeded today in many cities. Vehicle emissions, especially the content of diesel exhaust, are a major source of the problem.

One article highlights a long-term study conducted on Stockholm’s most polluted street, where molecular and particle filtration with Camfil’s City-Flo XL™ in air handling units, supplemented with a new mobile City air purifier inside the apartment, are effectively cleaning up the indoor environment for healthier urban living.

Another article describes a molecular and particle filtration solution in Paris where M-Pleat Green, CityCarb and City air purifiers are protecting Camfil’s employees in a suburb with the city’s worst air.

You can also learn some interesting facts about London’s Oxford Street – the most polluted in the world – where urgent measures are needed to combat historically high – and hazardous – levels of nitrogen oxide gases.

New case stories

On the customer and product front, we report on Camfil APC Europe’s Farr Gold Series® solution for Impreglon’s coating processes in the UK, a challenging inlet filtration project that Camfil Power Systems carried out for Tata Power in India, and the Stinger™ – a new innovative valve developed by Camfil APC in the U.S. to isolate dust collector explosions.

Camfil Handte is also making its debut in this issue with its Oil Expert separator and HeatSaverBox solution for Grüne, a major German automotive supplier. The HeatSaverBox is the first system of its kind to recover heat from machining processes.

The fourth Filter School Module will teach you about fans, airflows and energy calculations. We are also introducing the new City M air purifier – “the roommate everyone appreciates”.

And while you are browsing, don’t miss the portrait feature on Anders Freyschuss, who heads our Northern European operations. Downloadable in nine languages

Downloadable in nine languages

AirMail is published in nine languages. You can download PDFs of the latest issue (No. 2/2014) and back issues from the File Archive, located under the search box at the top of this website and on the homepages of Camfil companies in different countries.

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