Silicone Gel for Hepa filters (Global news)

Over the past six years, several incidents involving the use of silicone gel in HEPA filters, where oil aerosols such as Polyalphaolefin (PAO) are routinely used to test filter integrity, have resulted in the formation of a liquid droplet on the downstream frame of the filter. The purpose of this Technical Bulletin is to inform the reader of the known facts surrounding this abnormality. Recently, a major HEPA filter manufacturer (not Camfil Farr) released a quality control alert on the subject of gel or fluid seal issues relating to HEPA filters in pharmaceutical facilities. That publication contains several misleading statements that run counter to the results of many scientific investigations conducted by a number of qualified researchers directly associated with the manufacture and use of HEPA filters. These statements also run counter to nearly a decade of experience and observations conducted on HEPA filters manufactured by Camfil Farr and installed in Pharmaceutical and related clean rooms around the world.

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