Slovakian subsidiary wins CSR award

The Slovakian Ministry of Labour has awarded a prize to Camfil Farr’s subsidiary in Slovakia in recognition of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to actively balance the work and family life of employees.

Camfil Farr s.r.o. in Levice was one of three prize winners in the Ministry’s tenth jubilee edition of a competition to award Slovakian enterprises that are family-friendly and promote gender equality and equal opportunities. A total of 25 companies entered the contest from all regions of Slovakia.

The Ministry stated that Camfil Farr’s Slovakian subsidiary is a role model for other companies because of its successful measures to reconcile family and professional life.

In 2010 alone, Camfil Farr introduced 22 different forms of support for staff and workers with family responsibilities at the production and assembly plant in Levice. These measures included arranging special family events, providing wellness vouchers and loyalty bonuses and establishing programs to promote health.

The company has also introduced flexible working hours and directly employs severely disabled people. In collaboration with other Slovakian enterprises, Camfil Farr Levice has also helped start a nursery school in an industrial park.

The competition was judged by the Department of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities within the Slovakian Ministry of Labour. The other two prize winners were the Union insurance company (Bratislava) and HIS-DG laboratory (Kosice).

The Levice plant, located in the town’s industrial park, manufactures a wide range of Camfil Farr air filtration products for the European and East European markets.


Imrich Meszaros, Managing Director of Camfil Farr in Levice (left) receives the company’s award from Jozef Mihál, Slovakian Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The prize was given to recognize a number of support activities and measures that actively balance the work and family life of Camfil Farr’s employees at the production plant in Levice.


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