Sustainability Report

In 2009, Camfil Farr embarked on a mission to become the first sustainable air filtration company in the world, launching an internal programme to achieve this objective and publishing its second corporate sustainability report on a voluntary basis.

Camfil Farr took these initiatives because of its belief in sustainability. The company’s efforts in this area confirm what Camfil Farr has been doing for almost half a century: greening the operations of customers by providing air filtration products with the lowest energy consumption and life cycle costs while improving the environment, human health and productivity.

"Sustainable air filtration solutions are our contribution to society"
Alan O'Connel
Camfil Farr group CEO

In 2010, Camfil Farr "Green products" range ie, the most energy efficient solutions accounts for 67% of the group turnover in buildings ventilation systems applications. This share has grown 8% since 2007. 21% of sales volumes have been converted to the most sustainable products of Camfil Farr's catalogue, creating healthier and more energy efficient indoor environment.

A European roadshow initiative to spread the message

Clean air is one of the most essential product on the planet and we deliver it all over the world. Do people have a right to clean air? We think so. We are now taking this message on the road all over Europe. The purpose is to inform policy makers, politicians, decision makers and the general public about the importance of a better integration of air quality in the regulations on buildings energy efficiency.

Reward of continuous improvement of operations.

Energy efficiency in operations and workers safety are two important axes of Camfilcairing programme effectively integrated in daily management.
In 2010 CamfilFarr was the first company in United Kingdom to reach the new Kitermark certification programme of Energy Management System,  according to EN 16001 from BSI, soon followed by one of the French facility.
Safety has been for several year subject of investigation and improvement. As a result, work lost days to work-related injuries dropped by 40% on average at group level, (up to 75%) the last two years.

More information about sustainability in Camfil Farr is available on
Camfil Farr Sustainability page

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