Swedish Olympic Committee


Swedish Olympic Committee
The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) is the highest body for Olympic sports in Sweden. The Committee is made up of 36 permanent member federations and 14 recognized federations acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The SOC´s main tasks are to organize and implement Swedish participation in the Olympic Games, prepare participants for the Olympics, host athletic try-outs and develop elite athletes.

Swedish Olympic Committee and Camfil team up to provide high IAQ for Sweden’s Olympic athletes in Rio

The importance of clean air to maximize the performance of Olympic athletes has been the theme of a dialogue between Camfil and the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) for more than ten years. Air pollution is often a subject of discussion because of the way it impacts health and air quality in general, but also because it negatively affects the performance of athletes in Olympic sports events. On occasions, poor outdoor air quality at Olympic venues can be a major concern, although it tends to be an ”invisible” problem that is not easily detected with the naked eye.

We can’t do anything about outdoor air pollution, but we can improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in the facilities where our Olympic athletes from Sweden will be spending much of their day in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Summer Olympics. The human body functions better in clean air than in air that contains pollutants and high concentrations of particles. If clean air helps our athletes recover better, they will perform better,”
says Stefan Lindeberg, Chairman of SOC.

Good IAQ, or clean and healthy indoor air, is consequently on SOC’s wish list for the upcoming Olympics in Rio. There is a major need to increase people’s knowledge about the importance of high IAQ, and not just for sports.

Camfil’s collaboration with the SOC will involve the implementation of an air quality programme before and after the Olympics. The ventilation systems of training facilities will be equipped with Camfil’s highly efficient air cleaners. Camfil will also install its newly developed and patented air purifiers in the homes of athletes in Sweden and in rooms in the Olympic Village. Air quality will be measured and analysed to determine how it helps athletes perform.

The Centre for Allergy Research (CfA) at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm will evaluate the results together with SOC’s medical team. All parties have much to gain from increasing their knowledge about the connection between clean air and sports performance.

Magnus Yngen, CEO för Camfil AB, och Stefan Lindeberg, SOK:s ordförande.
Magnus Yngen, CEO of the Camfil Group (left), and Stefan Lindeberg, Chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC).


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