World’s first ozone rating system for air filters (Global news)

Camfil Farr, the world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions, has introduced the first system in the filtration industry for rating the ozone removal efficiency of air filters.

The new rating system allows customers to assess the effectiveness of Camfil Farr’s series of molecular filters for urban pollution – CityFlo XL®, CityCarb® and CityFlo®, CitySorb® and CityPleat®. These filters effectively remove ozone, other harmful gases and odours, and in the case of the combination filters, also fine particles. They are installed instead of ordinary bag filters in the air handling units (AHUs) of office and commercial buildings, shops, shopping centres, schools and other public buildings in city centres where air pollution is a concern, and where higher indoor air quality (IAQ) is desired to protect health and provide a better work environment.

The new ozone removal rating can be factored into the decision-making process to ensure that good IAQ is also achieved from a molecular perspective. The ozone removal rating informs customers more about the performance of Camfil Farr’s molecular filters and helps customers understand the full benefit of selecting Camfil Farr products for their AHUs.

Rated with unique test rig

Camfil Farr is a market leader in the validation of performance of molecular filters and uses a unique test rig to measure the ozone removal efficiency of City series filters. Temperature and relative humidity-conditioned air is blown through full-size production filters. Ozone is injected into the airstream and sensitive ozone detectors measure the concentration upstream and downstream of the filter, which is used to readily calculate filter efficiency. Filters can be challenged with many different gases and vapours, and in different temperatures and humidity, allowing Camfil Farr to determine the performance of City filters under the conditions present in customer applications.

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