Air cleaners and air purifiers are the plug-in solution to eliminate poor IAQ in industry and offices

Small airborne particles have the potential to lead to big indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and a growing number of industries and businesses are discovering the benefits of Camfil’s air cleaners and air purifiers as a “plug-in” solution to deal with growing indoor pollution issues.

Camfil offers a range of air cleaners for large industrial spaces and production processes, and the City line of standalone air purifiers for offices and other small premises. As documented in numerous customer cases, these products – equipped with the most efficient HEPA filters on the market – are proving to be a simple-to-install solution to supplement the existing ventilation system. The end result is a healthy and productive work environment that protects occupants, equipment and products from airborne dust, dirt and contaminants.

Air cleaners for large spaces

Camfil’s range of industrial air cleaners is typically used in warehouses, logistics centres, server rooms, bottling plants, breweries, food production and other manufacturing plants to control local air pollutant sources and clean up dusty workspaces for high IAQ. The air cleaners are recognized internationally for their effective air filtration, versatile applications, low energy use and low-noise operation.

Absolute™ HEPA filters clean air efficiently, even down to nanoparticle size, to help reduce maintenance and repair expenses for machinery and plant, protect end products and stored goods, and decrease the need and cost for frequent in-house cleaning. The industrial range includes a concealed unit for cabinets and two large models that can be installed as a floor, wall or ceiling unit.

City range for offices and public spaces

Awareness about air pollution and poor indoor air quality in urban areas has led to the development of Camfil’s City range of smaller standalone air purifiers to filter room air in a wide range of buildings and premises, including hospitals, museums, surgery clinics, offices, gyms and other areas.

The range includes air purifiers for rooms 30 m2 to 300 m2 in area. Several models utilise combined particle and molecular filtration to also remove odours and certain molecular gases, such as traffic-related air pollution, and feature large and effective filter packages with Camfil’s market-leading Absolute™ HEPA filters. The resulting improvement in air quality makes the work environment healthier for employees, with the benefits being fewer sick leave days, increased well-being, and relief from common “bad air” symptoms like headaches, coughing, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, eye irritation, nausea, and skin rashes.

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