Filtragem Molecular - Filtros de Carvão e Químicos

Combination filters Combination filters

City-family products are the ultimate solution for IAQ applications and low level odour control. A high-performance particle filter and highly effective broad spectrum carbon filter are combined in a single device. The carbon filter is effective against most of the diverse chemicals in the air.

Compact filters Compact filters

Compact molecular filters are the ultimate solution for IAQ applications and low level odour control where adequate pre-filtration already exists. A high-performance broad spectrum carbon filter is an effective gas filter, catching most of the diverse chemicals in the air.

Loose-fill filters Loose-fill filters

Loose-fill molecular filters are robust solutions that use high amounts of carbon for comfort and process air applications. Carbon media gas filters can be selected to suit target gases. This flexible product group can be tailored to suit many applications.

Media Media

A correct media selection is essential for a successful molecular filter. An extensive range of broad spectrum and specific adsorption media are suitable for most chemicals or groups of chemicals. Media are typically based upon activated carbon or activated alumina, with or without impregnation.

Industrial Industrial

Industrial molecular filters provide the very highest levels of performance in those applications where process protection, environmental protection and regulatory compliance are of paramount importance. Filters may be filled with different media to create a gas filter with total control of odours and toxic gases.

Support Services Support Services

Camfil offers a range of support services to assist users to achieve optimum performance and cost-effective use of molecular filters. These include reliable techniques to measure air quality and laboratory analysis of media samples. Specific studies can be made in our unique filter test rig.


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