Board Of Directors

Board of Directors of Camfil AB

Jan Eric Larson   Jan Eric Larson, born 1947.

Executive Chairman. Elected to Camfil's board in 1983. Chairman, Swede Ship Marine. Board member, Trosa Stadshotell and various other Camfil companies.

Johan Markman   Johan Markman, born 1949.

Vice Chairman. Elected to Camfil's board in 1983. Chairman, Atteviks Bil, Trosa Stadshotell, Quickbutton and Recognus. Managing Director, Jungfrutomten. Board member, various Camfil subsidiaries and other companies.

Eric Giertz   Eric Giertz, born 1949.

Elected to Camfil's board in 1992. Professor in Industrial Economics and Management at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Chairman,
KTH Executive School. Board member, Einar Mattsson Byggnads AB. Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Mats Lonnqvist   Mats Lönnqvist, born 1954.

Elected to Camfil's board in 2000. Chairman, Evidensia Djursjukvård, Midstar Hotel Properties and Ovacon. Board member, Biolin Scientific, Bordsjö
Skogar, Resolvator, Spendrups Bryggeri, Sveafastigheter Funds, Det Østasiatiske
Kompagni and other companies.

Picture of Alan O'Connell   Alan O'Connell, born 1957.

Chief Executive Officer, Camfil Group; President, Camfil AB. Elected to Camfil's board in 2016.

Lars Stugemo   Lars Stugemo, born 1961.

Elected to Camfil's board in 2017. CEO, HiQ.
Chairman, Kambi Sports Solutions.

Dan Larson picture  

Dan Larson, born 1980.
VP Operations, Camfil AB.


Erik Markman picture   Erik Markman, born 1978.
VP Project Management Office, Camfil AB.
Chairman, Aqua Dental Care AB.
Board member, Payair Technologies.



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