Camfil Around The World

Camfil Around The World

The Camfil Group operates through three main business units – Filters, Power Systems and Air Pollution Control.

Camfil is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, where the Parent Company, Camfil AB, has Group functions for Product and Marketing, Finance, IT and Supply Chain. Central resources for research, laboratory testing, and product and process development are based at Camfil’s world-class Tech Centre in Trosa, about 70 km (42 miles) south of Stockholm. This state-of-the-art centre is the main hub of a global research network that includes R&D units in the U.S., Germany, Malaysia and China. The Parent Company has a total of 103 employees.


Employees Filters Sales Filters
Number of employees: 2,809 Sales in SEK millions: 3,894


With six production units and twelve branches in the U.S, and one production unit and six branches in Canada, Camfil is well equipped and positioned to provide excellent coverage of the entire North American market through sales offices, distributors and agents across the continent. With one newly upgraded production site in Brazil, Camfil has also strengthened the Group’s footprint on the South American continent to improve the market presence maintained by agents in other South American countries. With its broad product range, Camfil is an attractive partner for the best distributors in the Americas.

Employees America Sales America
Number of employees: 669 Sales in SEK millions: 1,014



The manufacturing hub in Trosa, Sweden, includes a major state-of-the-art production facility and a large warehouse and distribution centre. An additional metal workshop is located in Österbymo, Sweden. Northern Europe sales are conducted through several local sales offices and subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Camfil also has a presence in other markets through agents in Russia, Iceland and the Baltics, among other areas. Camfil has 360 employees in Northern Europe.

 Employees Europe  Sales Europe
Number of employees: 360
Sales in SEK millions: 719


Besides production plants in France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, the U.K. and Ireland, Camfil also operates through sales companies in Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland. Sales are conducted through agents in other markets, such as the Czech Republic, the Balkans and Hungary. The Group has 1,130 employees in Continental Europe and the British Isles.

 Employees Europe  Sales Europe
Number of employees: 1,130 Sales in SEK millions: 1,582

Asia Pacific and Middle East

Camfil has three Asian production units in India, Malaysia and China. The latter two specialize in high efficiency filters, both HEPA and ULPA grade, as well as filters for ventilation systems, which are manufactured at all three sites. The Malaysian factory also supplies filtration solutions for molecular contamination control, especially for the microelectronic segment, a market primarily focused within Asia. Camfil also has subsidiaries in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia. Agents cover all other major markets in the region.

 Employees Asia  Sales Asia
Number of employees: 650
Sales in SEK millions: 578


Power Systems, with 216 employees, has operations in Sweden, Germany, Canada, China and India to provide air filtration solutions for the global power generation industry. The business unit has a production facility in India.

 Employees Power Systems  Sales Power Systems
Number of employees: 216 Sales in SEK millions: 755


APC specializes in industrial dust and mist collection. The U.S. has traditionally been Camfil’s primary market for APC systems but now the range is being gradually introduced and marketed in Europe and the rest of the world. The acquisition of the Handte Group in 2014 vastly expanded Camfil’s footprint for APC in terms of geographical presence and product range. The business unit has production facilities in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Czech Republic and China.

 Employees APC  Sales APC
Number of employees: 536
Sales in SEK millions: 813


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